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Find unauthorized picture-uploads that contain your face and get legal advice on how to deal with it

Project Goal

Today, more than 100 million posts are shared on an average day by the Instagram-Community. The consequence of this fact is that you can never be sure if there is a picture with your own face on it that you do not know anything about. In “Let’s FACE it” we developed an artifact and a webpage that helps to find out if there are pictures on public profiles on Instagram that you don’t know about. By providing this tool, we want to maintain the personal right to decide whether such an image should be publicly displayed or not. Furthermore, we offer affected users an understandable guide on how to take action against such unwanted publications.

Image Removal

How to remove your images? Solutions to have an impact on the deletion of your pictures.

Legal Information

Data Privacy. What is the GDPR and what do you have to consider as a developer?


Scraping. Which artifact are we using? Our boundaries and API’s.

About us

We are a team of interdisciplinary Master Students at UZH, aiming to initiate the discussion whether face recognition can be used in a morally and legally legitimate way for the “public interest”. 
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